Reply to Message is only limited to your own organization member (Why?????)


2022.07.08既読 1215

Hi -- not sure what is the reasoning behind this but why does the development team decided to NOT allow "Reply" to message feature for outside member? 

This is a very crucial feature in any basic messaging app - taking away and only limiting this to your org member is just basic UX mistake. 

Please add this ASAP. 

You can reply to a specific message shared in the message room.
The Reply function allows you to easily see which messages correspond to one another. You can also move to the corresponding message by selecting the replied message, making it easier to follow the flow of conversation.
However, you cannot use this function in the following situations:
Message rooms with LINE users
> Message rooms with LINE WORKS users from other companies
> Messages sent by a Bot or forwarded by binding / assembling


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    Certainly, the reason why the response function cannot be used by external users is very strange. I sympathize.


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    Jimmy Lin

    Same thoughts here, cannot understand why this important feature cannot be used for talking with LINE users - which is another important feature of using this app.
    Same issue with Line for Business accounts, wonder if it's technical limitations that cannot be solved :(

    Anyway, it seems they have enabled the ability to reply to the message from other Line Work users from other companies.


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